Thursday, 4 September 2014

Ashara Mubaraka 1436H Tazyeen on Johar theme

Salaam un Jameel,

Ashara Mubaraka muqbil che ane Aqa Moula (TUS) na Irshadaat muwafiq apan sagla Ashara Mubaraka 1436H na vaste ohbat kari rahya che.

Ashara Mubaraka ma Masjid/Markaz ni Tazyeen vaste Fatemi Designs ye aa saal Johar na mauzu par Tazyeen ni tayyari kidi che, ye ilmi Tazyeen Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin Aqa (tus) na Marsiya Mubaraka and Zikra na Khutba ma je Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin (RA) ni zikr kidi che ehni roshni ma kidi che.

The Tazyeen package includes:-

1) 1 Backdrop 6ft x 4ft
2) 6 Side Banners 6ft x 3ft
3) 2 Pillar Banners 6ft x 2ft
4) 2 Shea'ars 2ft x 3ft

Total 11 Banners for Rs. 4000/- only inclusive of packaging and delivery across India

For U.S., Canadian, Europe, & Far East Jamiat the Hadiyah is U.S. $200 which
includes Packing and Delivery across the mentioned Jamiat.

For other Foreign Jamiats Courier will be charged as applicable.

The banners will be delivered in Roll format in order to avoid any
kind of folds and creases.

Full Tazyeen Package + 12 sets of Panjatan Vawtas (6 pcs in each set on satin material)  for only Rs. 5300/- across India.

For U.S., Canadian, Europe, & Far East Jamiat the Hadiyah is U.S. $220

Also available;-

* Satin Panjatan Vawta 10 Sets Rs. 1600/-

* Running banner of "Ya Husain" Border for use in Masjid 2nd floors and or Mawaid 10ft x 2ft for Rs. 550/

* Velvet Ya Ali and Ya Husain Tughras with Resham work Embroidery (6in x 12in) Rs. 100/- each

* Running Marsiya Bunds (Ya Sayyedas Shohodai & Fulkul Husain e be Karbala) 20ft x 4ft Rs. 1500/- each

* Extra Shea'ars 2ft x 3ft Rs. 200/- (10 Shea'ars for Rs. 1500/-)

* Extra Pillar Banners 6ft x 2ft Rs 350/-

Orders will be dispatched after Payment Confirmation

Ashara Niyaz Izan Cards with Hadiya (contact us for details)

Contact us on e-mail
or call/whatsapp us at +91 8956 835 053

was salaam

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Shehrullah il Moazzam 1435 Tazyeen

Shehre Ramazan ul Moazzam the month of Allah will soon be within our midst and we Mumineen are eagerly waiting and preparing for it.

Among the many preparations are those for the Tazyeen of the Masjid and Markaz.

We have prepared a set of Tazyeen for Shehrullah 1435 H revolving around the central theme of "Salaam".

The Tazyeen consists of 4 main banners (6×4ft)+ 6 side banners(2×3ft)

The price for the full set consisting 10 banners INR 4500/-
Price is inclusive of packaging (securely in roll form) and courier in India.

For foreign Jamiyats( UK, USA, Canada, Asia-Pacific) the price is USD $200.

Orders will only be dispatched after payment is made.

For any other queries or suggestions please email us at
or give us a call at +91 8956 835 053

was salaam

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Ayyam ut Taabbudaat 1435 and 103 Milad Tazyeen

The Banners will be printed on Flex material and rolled up and packed securely and sent via express courier.

Tazyeen will be dispatched only after payment has been realised in our A/C.

For any queries or placing an order please 
Email us on
or Call us at +91 8956835053

was salaam

Friday, 10 January 2014

Milad un Nabi Tazyeen (Free Download) during 103 Milad Mubarak Ayyam

Salaam un Jameel
We at Fatemi Designs are sharing with you Tazyeen for Milad un Nabi 1435h

Please click the link below to download the original file for printing at your mawze,
(original file in CMYK format ready for printing in all sizes)

Approximate file size 12MB

Kindly remember us in your Duas


Monday, 7 October 2013

Ashara Mubaraka 1435 H Tazyeen

Also Available

Extra Side Banners on Cloth Material @ Rs 700/-
Extra Sheaars on Cloth Material @ Rs. 400/-
Extra Asmaullah Bands on Cloth Material @ Rs. 250/-

Panjatan Vawtas on Cloth Material (18in x 12in) Rs. 150/- per set of 6 Vawtas.
Ya Husain and Ya Ali Velvet Tughras @ Rs. 100/- per piece.
Large Ya Husain Alams @ Rs. 500/-

All above mentioned prices are inclusive of Courier charges for India.

For USA, UK, Europe, Far East Jamiyaats Hadiya for 1 Full Set is $200.

For  other Foreign Mawaze Courier will be charged at actual.

Orders will be dispatched only after Payment Confirmation.

was salaam
+91 8956835053

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Tazyeen for Syedna Taher Saifuddin (RA) Milad Mubarak

On the auspicious Miqaat of the Milad of Syedna Taher Saifuddin (RA) Fatemi Designs presents an ornate Tazyeen for your Masajid / Marakiz. 
The Ilmi theme of the Tazyeen is inspired from Huzuraala (TUS)’s Eid ul Fitr Qasida Mubaraka. The golden thematic background is used in essence of the Golden Jubilee of Huzuraala (TUS)’s 50 years of Takht e Nashini.
The Tazyeen is available in two sizes
6ft x 4ft (INR 1100/-)
8ft x 5ft (INR 1500/-)
The price is inclusive of courier for India. Foreign places courier will be charged as applicable.
To place an order email us at

Orders will be dispatched only after payment confirmation.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Ashara 1435h Niyaaz Izan Cards with Hadiyah

We have designed a special Photo frame with Imam Husain's Name in beautiful calligraphy and a bait of Aqa Moula (tus) regarding Eid e Zahabi at a size of 6inches  x 12inches for hadiyah along with the elegant ashara izan card as shown here.

Size of izan card (5x7)
Size of Photo (6x12) With frame packed in a gift box

The price for the above mentioned items is Rs. 80 EXCLUDING courier. Courier will be charged extra as applicable. 

Miuimum order of 500 Pcs.


To place an order email us on or call us at +91 89 56 835053